Holy Shit. I’m officially competing in CrossFit.

When I first learned CrossFit was a thing and started doing it myself, it did not take long before someone told me about the CrossFit Games. I had no idea what they were at the time so naturally I googled it as soon as I got to my computer.

What I discovered that November day in 2013, I will never forget. I found this video showing the Women’s final event of the 2013 CrossFit Games. I’m going to attempt to put in to words the feeling it made me feel.

As soon as I started watching these women, I was so inspired that I was instantly moved to tears. I sat in my room crying, sobbing, ugly tears while watching these women go head to head in amazing human feats of strength and overall fitness. I was in awe that something like this existed. I felt slightly cheated that I was only just now learning about this, and I knew that that’s what I wanted to spend my time doing… becoming the fittest woman on earth.

My journey has been up and down, had some set-backs physically, financially and mentally which prevented me from staying consistent with training. But the same feeling was always there when thinking about CrossFit. The passion that I felt that day in November is still felt, through everything. It is here now when I train, when I visualize, when I watch regionals, compete in the open, watch the CrossFit Games. The same excitement and energy flow through my body, every time.

In February, I made a choice. I made a decision. I wrapped my life around CrossFit. From here on out, I will never stop until I reach my goals. I have officially signed up for my first CrossFit competition. The first step in becoming the athlete I know I’m supposed to to become. I’m so excited to train my ass off like never before in preparation and to be the best athlete I can be for myself and for my team.

If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough. I want to compete at the CrossFit games. I will train to compete at the CrossFit games. Hard work doesn’t scare me, it excites me. Time to become the best version of myself.

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