Why I’m Happy I Got Diagnosed with a Chronic Illness

Your body is very smart. Much smarter than most of us give it credit for. The biological mechanisms that keep us alive and functioning on a daily basis have absolutely nothing to do with our conscious minds, our body is nice enough to keep us alive day after day with little to no effort on our part. Thanks body, pretty cool of you. 😉

Because it is so damn smart, it will also alert you when something is off, something is wrong, or something is off balance. In my case, my body was screaming at me “HEY! YO! LILLY! You eat super healthy for 5-6 weeks and then you treat me like a trash compactor for a week, rinse and repeat. Not cool bro. Not cool. Here… enjoy this illness so that you bring your attention to how your bad health habits are affecting me negatively.”

Although there is no known “cause” for Ulcerative Colitis, I firmly believe that my eating habits that unintentionally resembled yo-yo dieting were the main cause of my illness. Think about it, your gut is all “yay! healthy food! Thanks!” and then you crash your system with sugar and processed foods for a week and your gut gets super confused, becomes very inflamed because it’s not at all used to these foods, and ultimately results in imbalance and illness. Your gut bacteria never gets a chance to understand what normal is and homeostasis is never fully achieved.

So wait. Why am I happy I got sick?

I’m very proud of my body for drawing attention to how I was treating it. It is something I had ignored for a very long time and this time around you guys, I’m literally FORCED to eat healthy for the rest of my life otherwise I’ll go into a flare and feel awful. As if the Universe said to me, “Yeah sorry, you clearly couldn’t handle this responsibility on your own so now we’re intervening so that you can become the healthiest version of yourself possible.”

I feel like I get a second opportunity at building my body how it should have been built from the first place. As I build more muscle, it’s going to be muscle from CLEAN, NUTRITIOUS, and HEALTHY food vs. ice cream, pizza and donut muscle.  I’m so very excited to see what my body will look and feel like treating it the way I should have treated it all along.

Thanks for being awesome body. I truly wouldn’t have paid attention this much without you putting me on my ass for a few months.

Love you all, listen to your bodies,
Lilly The Legend

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  1. Dave Skinner
    January 18, 2017

    Love ❤️ it!! Go Lilly!!!!

  2. Alyce
    January 18, 2017

    You are amazing! I hope you’re better very soon. I sent this story to my 21 yo twins, both who eat poorly.

  3. Thomas McCallum
    February 14, 2017

    Cool outlook on it all. You’re right your body is smart

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