Since 2012, Lilly has been studying the Universe and how to connect with your true spirit and authentic self.

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Lilly Polivoda

Who am I and what can I do for you?

What’s up friends? I’m Lilly aka Lilly The Legend. In 2012, after I had graduated from college, a friend asked me, “Do you feel like you were put on this earth to do more than you’re currently doing?” and I responded with, “Well yeah. Duh.” From there I was introduced to the world of spirituality, the law of attraction, alignment, unlearning, reconnecting with your authentic self and much much more.

My love of coaching others and building connections and community has now lead me to owning an online astrology business as well as coaching others to explore the untaught parts of life and perception. I help people to find where they shine their brightest and to take steps to move in whatever direction they are being called to move in. Don’t worry— you can borrow some of my confidence if you need to. Or maybe you’re unsure and there are blocks, that’s okay too. Through a combination of using the tools of astrology, tarot, intuitive channeling and use of a pendulum— I can help you unlock parts of yourself that have been stagnant or find new ways to tap into what’s already there.

A little about my astrological chart to better understand me as a human:

Leo sun, 10th house: Shine BIG BRIGHT AND BOLDLY within my career and work. Also a slight work-a-holic but I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like work!

Aquarius Moon, 4th house: Internally I’m a massive weirdo who’s mind is constantly running 1,000 miles/minute with new ideas and random observations, but will also fight for those I love and care about.

Libra Rising: It’s my destiny to UNITE and BALANCE people within our society, while making sure everything is fair and everyone can have a place at the table.

Virgo Mercury (11th), Venus (12th) & Mars (11th): Everything ends up being a project to me but I have a massive need and desire to serve others in a systematic and loving way that builds community.

Cancer Jupiter, 9th house: Creative AF and EXPANSIVE thinking, not your average bitch.

Capricorn Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, 3rd house: Here to build some shit on top of whatever my Leo sun decides to burn down and A+ level communication skills about the weird things in my brain.

Scorpio Pluto, 1st house: Powerful presence, will-power for days & full of secrets.

My background:

I graduated in 2011 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota— Twin Cities, thinking I wanted to go to graduate school afterward to be a psychologist. Life lead me down a different path of extreme self-discovery and looking back, I’m grateful my mind was expanded outside of the academic structure.

I started looking into astrology around 2012, refocusing on it 2018. Since then I’ve been doing chart readings and running my astrology business, Astrology Vibez.