Writing Effective Captions for Facebook or Instagram

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Have you ever wondered what makes a caption good vs bad? What are some key elements to include and what are some you should be avoiding? Take a look at my quick guide to writing effective captions for Facebook or Instagram.

Writing Effective Captions for Facebook or Instagram

Step 1: Know what you’re going for.
When it comes to writing a solid caption for your Facebook or Instagram post a great thing to keep in mind is, what’s your goal with this post? What’s your intended outcome? Do you want people to comment or do you just want people to look at your pretty picture? Do you want people to read your blog/novel caption or get them to visit your account?

Before we can move on to the next steps, look at your picture and decide what exactly it is that you’re going for.

Step 2: Short & sweet or hit them with a dissertation?
Sometimes we want captions to be really long and almost blog like. We have important things to say and pairing those words with a picture that is relevant, eye-catching and attention grabbing can be really powerful for your account. It’s totally okay to have longer posts as long as the content is good and the value you are bringing others is high. If you’re talking about something people can relate to go ahead and go in little bit deeper but not many people are going to want to read every detail about your trip to Disneyland. That’s legitimately what a blog is for!

Most of the time we want our captions to be short and sweet to not take away from our picture. There have been times where I’ve just done a few words or an emoji. Don’t overthink your caption!

Step 3: Use a Call-to-Action
Calls to action are the most underutilized tactic I see from the majority of my clients. This tiny little shift can add a lot of positive results to your end goal (more YouTube video views, more sales, more unique blog reads etc..)

If you are selling anything or directing anyone anywhere on the internet, you NEED to be using a call to action. So what are they, what do they look like when done well and how do you use them?

What is a call to action: A call to action is literally that, calling someone to action OR suggesting someone do something next, really.

What does a call to action look like: They can look very different but some examples include

“Visit the link in my bio to read my most recent blog post”
”Click on the link below to shop today”
”Subscribe to my YouTube channel”

How you use a call to action: Use these whenever you want or need to direct someone, somewhere, to do something.

Lilly-Tip: Do not OVERUSE these on Instagram or Facebook captions. But if you do them well and fluidly, people won’t notice if you use them frequently.

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Be clear of your posts intent, create a caption that makes sense and use a call to action if the situation is right.

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