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There are so many people in the world right now that have lived through some pretty amazing experiences. They all have developed diverse knowledge and gained critical pieces of information and because of these, they view the world differently. Some people have gained massive success. Some have not. Some people are geniuses in one area and to be honest, may be complete idiots in others. For example, how can some people be extremely financially successful but don’t quite have a handle on love and relationships? Amazing at parenting but unsure how to make it in the business world.. etc…

I want to explore people’s genius and overall successes in life. What can we learn from each other? We all offer a very unique perspective into how we do things. Consider Marie Kondo . she has swept us all away with HER METHOD. We can all learn from each others experiences and lessons learned, developing new frameworks to bring more abundance into our lives through mindset shifts and hearing what has worked for others.

With everything I read on the internet, I read it, decide what is for me and what isn’t. I take what’s for me, apply it and leave the rest. I urge you to do the same. Just because someone does their system one way doesn’t mean you need that exact system, but be aware of the overarching themes and take what will work for your individual system.

Success leaves clues and I want to help share the stories of people who are geniuses in their specific areas.

There will be three parts to this series:
What is Wealth?

Which will look at people who are not living paycheck to paycheck to see what they are doing and their approach to finances. Something I feel is extremely important in today's age, financial education. There is a huge gap and lots of knowledge that the few know and the many lack. I’m not discounting systems of oppression I’m saying the lack of knowledge is because of them so let’s all SHARE THE KNOWLEDGE GOODS!

Do you not live paycheck to paycheck and view yourself as successful financially? I’d love to interview you for my blog!

What is Influence?

In the age of social media, influence rules all. People are able to completely quit their jobs and make a living off of the internet. This will explore businesses, brands or blogs/people who have over 2,000 followers or average over 300 likes per picture on Instagram mainly but other social networks will be explored as well. What has influence done for them and their lives? What’s changed? How do they make money? What are these people doing differently?

Do you have over 2,000 followers on a social media network or avg 300+ likes per picture? I’d love to interview you for my blog!

And finally, a general topic: Success Leaves Clues

I want to read about successful relationships, marriages, health problems solves, athletes, business owners, etc… anyone with a story to tell who feels they live uniquely to most people around them and are successful in that area of their lives.

Submit your information below if you would be open to sharing your unique success story on my blog series: Success Leaves Clues

success leaves clues blog lilly the legend blog
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