How To Get Noticed on the Internet

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If you have a business, a brand, or a blog, like it or not, you are a content marketer. If you don’t think you are, then you’re likely approaching social media marketing wrong.

”But Lilly I don’t want to be a content marketer but still want to win on the internet.” Okay great, hire someone is the easy answer for the people who have a budget set aside to keep an employee on staff to run their social media marketing effectively (which btw IS NOT a volunteer or simple part time job if done correctly). For the rest of us out here in the trenches trying to get things done ourselves, it comes down to four things to gain attention and influence and by doing that, you’re getting noticed on the internet.

The 4 things to focus on to get noticed on the Internet:

Killer Strategy
Engaged Audience

If we’re not posting good content (visually appealing images, videos, good messaging, graphics, blogs, podcasts, vlogs etc…) then why is anyone going to want to follow your page? You might follow Nike, a car brand or maybe even one of the Kardashians— what they all have going on is good content. You know what to expect when you go to their social media page and you can expect a certain level of value (whether that be educational, entertainment, attraction…) there. The best content is planned ahead of time so it can fit in with your strategy.

Our strategy makes sure we are staying on point with our message, not over-sharing in one area and neglecting others, figuring out best times of day to post, which hashtags to use and soooo much more. Without a strategy you’re essentially just throwing your awesome content against a wall and seeing what will stick. Without a good strategy, that amazing piece of information that you have or the story that you want to tell will never reach the masses.

Staying consistent in your efforts in ANYTHING in life is going to be crucial to your success. If you’re trying to learn a new athletic skill, you’d practice consistently. The same thing applies to social media. Once your audience knows you have good content, they need to know you’re reliable and that you’ll be posting frequently. Staying consistent builds trust with your audience and you’ll be someone they know they can turn to daily for new content.

Developing an engaged audience who gets excited about what you’re going to post next can be challenging but there are sure fire ways to help build an engaged audience. Your engaged audience is what is going to set you apart from other content creators. They are your fan base, essentially, and you want to make sure you’re doing things for them while maintaining a level of authenticity within yourself and your message.

Over the next few weeks I’ll dive in a deeper into what each of these sections mean and how you can utilize the things I talked about here to increase visibility and draw attention to your business, brand or blog on the internet.

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