One-on-one Consulting

With the main services offered, we start off with a consultation. If we continue to work together, the fee will be waived. Having someone sit down with you 1-1 to dive into your specific business, industry, target market and sell points can be one of the most useful things for the advancement and success of your business. Do you need an outsider perspective? Could you benefit from getting all of the questions you’ve ever had about social media marketing answered in relation to your own business?

Lilly would be delighted to sit down with you and take a look at everything you currently have going (or not going) on social media. Working with her, you will receive feedback, recommendations, working together to develop strategy, decoding analytics, and create a plan to success that will get your business discovered by new audiences.

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$135/hour in person
$85/hr via phone, Facetime or Facebook Video

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Have you known your business needs to have a presence on social media for a while now but you’re unsure where to start, how to grow an engaged following and what to post?

This is where I truly shine and love to help you develop skills that will take your social media marketing for your business to the next level.

Everyone’s needs are very unique when it comes to what they are doing now, have been doing, want to do in the future etc…

We start with either a video or in person consultation (consultation rates apply) to determine the needs of your business.

Working with me will be a complete launch or revamp of your social media sites, creating content, systems, strategy and training on implementation moving forward. After this you will be set up for success.

Rates vary depending on project length, company size and content needed.

Ranging from $444 for a short day or two project
to $5555 for a four week project. Long-term not available.

Example Projects
- Instagram Revamp + Suggestions = $444
- Instagram Revamp + Systems = $600 over 2 days time
- Instagram Revamp + Strategy + Systems Training over one weeks time (amount of sessions TBD by needs) = $1250
- Instagram Revamp + Content + Stategy + Systems + Systems Training + Branding over 3 weeks time = 4,444
*payment plans available

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Why Influencer Marketing?
70% of Teens Trust Influencers More than Traditional Celebrities

86% of Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Earn $6.50 for Every Dollar Spent

Influencer Marketing Is the Fastest-Growing Online Customer-Acquisition Method

74% of People Trust Social Networks to Guide Purchasing Decisions

Is your target market women 18-34?

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local meet ups

Bi-Weekly, business owners, bloggers, and brand managers meet up to create content in a focused and collaborative environment. This is a bi-weekly planning hub where you can share creative ideas, discuss what’s working and what could go better in business, develop strategy and get a game plan for the next 2 weeks when it comes to marketing for your business.

You will have access to Lilly, her ideas, her opinions and feedback during this time.

Please visit my Facebook page to view upcoming meetups.

Meet ups are $30/session or $50 for a monthly subscription. This is a way to work with me if my consulting rates are not in your budget.

lilly the legend social media consultant engagement group

Engagement + ACCOUNTABILITY facebook & instagram group

Have you been noticing that you don’t receive much interaction (likes, comments etc..) on your Facebook or Instagram posts? This group is for you!

Allow your hashtags to flourish while gaining interaction and engagement from others in the group

This group is $19/month for Instagram.

Click here to learn more about the strictly Instagram group.

*participants may be kicked out due to low interaction
*Facebook coming soon

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Want to join other business owners, bloggers, normal people trying to get more followers on Instagram in a group to collaborate, ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals?

This FREE social media skillz (yes, with a Z) group will allow you to get feedback, share success stories, occasionally ask for post engagement, learn social media marketing tips and tricks through blogs, example feedback, and articles.

Join the group by clicking here.