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Want to join other business owners, bloggers, normal people trying to get more followers on Instagram in a group to collaborate, ask questions and connect with like-minded individuals?

This FREE social media skillz (yes, with a Z) group will allow you to get feedback, share success stories, occasionally ask for post engagement, learn social media marketing tips and tricks through blogs, example feedback, and articles.

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Engagement + ACCOUNTABILITY facebook & instagram group

Have you made the connection that you don’t receive much interaction (likes, comments etc..) on your Facebook or Instagram content? This group is for you!

Each day group leaders will create a prompt post. Business owners will then post their content to the group page whenever they need engagement. Everyone from the group will then go to comment and like on your content. By doing this it tricks the algorithms and is able to show your post to more people organically.

This group is $50/month

Click here to learn more about the strictly Instagram group.

*participants may be kicked out due to low interaction.

lilly the legend social media consultant

intro Group WORKSHOPS:

Being our most popular service, our group workshops consist of three workshops designed to get you familiar with Facebook and Instagram marketing while being able to walk away with a complete social media strategy.
Workshop One: Facebook Overview
Workshop Two: Instagram Overview
Workshop Three: Strategy


*coming soon

Advanced group workshops

Our advanced workshops give you all of the tools, tips and tricks social media managers know and utilize on a daily basis. Need automated systems? Need to learn how to create video or eye-catching pictures? Want to learn how to tell your story correctly and effectively? Unsure how to use Facebook or Instagram ads? These sessions would be for you and your business.
Workshop One: Content Creation and messaging
Workshop Two: How to use paid ads to drive traffic to your business.
Workshop Three: Advanced Strategy + hour of 1-1 consultation


*coming soon

One-on-one Consulting

Having someone sit down with you 1-1 to dive into your specific business, industry, target market and sell points can be one of the most useful things for the advancement and success of your business. Do you need an outsider perspective? Could you benefit from getting all of the questions you’ve ever had about social media marketing answered in relation to your own business?

Lilly would be delighted to sit down with you and take a look at everything you currently have going (or not going) on social media. Working with her, you will receive feedback, recommendations, working together to develop strategy, decoding analytics, and create a plan to success that will get your business discovered by new audiences.


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